Plenty of space

The wonderfully comfortable seats allow passengers plenty of room to put up their feet, sit back, relax, and enjoy their journey.

The Audi A8 relaxation seat offers passengers maximum seating comfort thanks to a wide range of adjustment options, a soothing massage function, plenty of legroom, and a footrest that not only provides a particularly comfortable resting position but also features integrated foot massage.

Your office on the move

No need to think about a new office – drive one! The fold-out tables, 230 V socket, and HDMI and USB ports in the Audi A8 L will make working easier, creating the perfect balance between business and relaxation.

The on-board Wi-Fi hotspot connects your laptop, tablet or smartphone to the Internet.

Full control

Use the touchscreen to select the perfect ambient lighting in any situation and mood, adjust your seat and the air-conditioning, or control the blinds. The on-board entertainment system can also be navigated using the touchscreen.

Most settings can be customised for each guest if you have fellow travellers.

On-board refrigerator

In times when you can be glad to even get a drink on board some flights, it’s good to know that our saloon cars are equipped with an on-board refrigerator in the interior and an additional refrigerator in the boot. This means you can help yourself to cold drinks and snacks at any time during the journey.

But the hot beverage service is also a notable feature, allowing your chauffeur to provide you with excellent organic coffee.